I have been at some form of business since I figured out how to get my gran’ to give me sweets. I have been relentlessly beavering away ever since. These days our primary business is bonsai and everything that surrounds it. Keeping employees and a family afloat is no easy task, trust me. Thanks to the loyal support of our friends and customers business has been very good, a little too good. The result is that I have filled our nursery with more plants that you can shake a stick at. Over the summer we have clearer hundreds of plants but no sooner do we clear a space than more arrive. We are literally getting buried under thousands of bonsai. So, in spite of my hard wired need to make a profit we just have to clear some stock.

Today i have posted reductions on over 120 trees in our Outdoor Bonsai and Raw Material pages. Many prices represent what we paid for some of the plants. There are savings of up to 30% and reductions up to £255 on some items. These are genuine reductions on top quality plants. This is costing us about £4000 but unless we clear some space soon we will have a serious problem.

If you find a cool tree that you would like but can’t quite stretch to we are happy to take a 30% deposit with the balance within 3 months (for further details please drop us a line – [email protected].

Take a look at our massive reductions….

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Grab a bargain and break my heart 🙁