Bonsai Gallery

A collection of Graham’s trees over the years.

english yew

English Yew – Taxus Baccata

black pine

There goes me knotty pine!

A Ripping Yarn Image 11

A Ripping Yarn


Twin Trunk Privet

The Mobius Loop image 5

The Mobius loop

The Strawberry Tree Image 8

The Strawberry Tree

Lofty Image 5


Eric's Juniper Juniperus Spp Image 4

Eric’s Juniper Juniperus Spp

Wideboy Taxus Baccata Image 7

Wideboy Taxus Baccata

English Elm

English Elm

Plucking Yew Image 7

‘Plucking Yew’ Taxus Baccata

Juniperus chinensis Blaauw Image 4

Juniperus chinensis Blaauw

Hornbeam Image 9


Hornbeam Image 9

Fei Lian – “Flying Curtain”

Japanese Trident Maple Image 1

Japanese Trident Maple

Scirocco Image 5

Scirocco – The desert wind

Breaking Wave - Mugo Pumillio Image 4

Breaking Wave – Mugo Pumillio