Just had a delivery of these two great tools. They will be live on the site this week.



Condor Fidelis Neck Knife – High Carbon Steel

As it’s name implies a neck knife is a small knife that you can hang around your neck on a chain (supplied). It hangs down vertically and is easily deployed from a safe click lock sheath. When you are busy this is ideal because you always have a knife right there.

Condor make solid no nonsense tools that do what they need to. This is a great little high spec’ knife that you can keep at hand at all times and is invaluable. Great in the workshop whether you are carving wood or taking cuttings and just as usefull around the home and garden or out on a hike. This little knife is a serious tool and not a cheap piece of Chinese rubbish like so many similar tools we have seen. Here at Kaizen we extensively test and use all of our tools so you can be sure you are getting the best value for money when you buy from us. A legal U.K carry knife you won’t want to be without.

German 1075 High Carbon Steel heat treated and annealed to about 56-58 Rockwell. Every edge is hand finished and polished to razor sharpness.

BLADE LENGTH : 2 3/16″ – 50mm

BLADE FINISH: Epoxy Black Powder Coating
A heavy black paint finish done by powder coating.

Paracord Wrapped Handles are made with real 500 lb test parachute cord that has seven inner strands for further use in a situation, where 1 piece of rope might not be enough.  One of the strands inside can also be teased apart further, providing fishing line, sewing thread, or help in any situation where a fine, sturdy line is needed.

SHEATH:Kydex and Ball Chain.
Price £21.95

“The Condor Claw”  Folding Shovel / Pick

You can trust Kaizen Bonsai to come up with the latest and most innovative products. Condor are a manufacturer that makes superb no-nonsense tools that do what they should. The Claw is an innovative new tool that is taking the survival and bushcraft worlds by storm. There never has been such a usefull folding digging implement. The Claw works on so many levels and will move soft rock, loose scree, stony clay soil on sand. In fact there isn’t much this hefty tool can’t deal with. Perfect for field trips digging bonsai fron craggy spots and just as useful in the garden too. A great gift item for any gardener and a powerful tool for the yamadori collector.

Leaves all others in it’s wake, we predict a VERY bright future for this incredible tool. Built like the proverbial brick out house the Claw features a forged high carbon steel blade of exceptional thickness and an innovative shape so it won’t bend. The screw collar locking mechanism looks like it could survive being run over by a truck. The 40mm thick hardwood handle is a little overkill too. If you manage to break one of these we think you need to get some help!

Overall Blade dimensions 310mm x 180mm
Overall length when assembled as a pick 600mm
Total weight 1.7Kg
Price £28.95