Trees may be going dormant but here at Kaizen Bonsai we never sleep. It’s before first light Sunday morning and having done me emails this morning (about an hour) here I am messing with a blog post. They say ‘the early bird gets the worm’ but I hate worms, leave that to silly arse, Bear Grills. However you do have to be up pretty early to get better trees than we have had in this week. Firstly we closed a deal with a good friend and long time customer of mine to help reduce his collection. The result was a whole bunch of very unusual bonsai trees. Secondly we took delivery of some very excellent yamadori we bought a few weeks ago. This shipment includes some nice compact scots pines that have spent FIVE years in their pots since collecting, that’s pretty much unheard of in yamadori circles. Super compact trees ready for styling right out of the box. All of these will be listed on the web site in the next couple of weeks.

Also this week we listed for sale a whole bunch of small sized imports including junipers and Japanese pines along with a very special specimen quality Japanese black pine. Check out our New Products page for details.

We have a LOT of deals in the pipeline and some spectacular trees coming our way in the months ahead, stay tuned.

Here’s a taster of what we will be offering for sale very soon……