When you buy as many trees and bonsai as I do you invariably get a few oddities. I also buy too much and often pay over the odds for things. I also underestimate the time I have available to turn raw material into desirable bonsai trees. So, from time to time I have to have a clear out.

Today I have a very special offer. The pictures show two MASSIVE mugo pines we have had here for a couple of years. These are on offer at EXACTLY what they cost me + VAT. These trees are very healthy and are making back buds and roots out of the bottom of their pots. Collected in the Alps they are both old and fascinating trees with a great story to tell.

If you want these trees the price is £520 for both non negotiable and for collection only. UK delivery will be an additional £60. I could list them on Ebay but don’t want to part with the commission.

Call me on 0800 4580 672 (0044 0 1493 781834)

GP1150018 P1150021 P1150022 P1150023 P1150029 P1150030 P1150031