Just back from The Capel Manor Autumn Bonsai Show organised by the Bonsai Group Enfield. This show has been running for a while now and I have to say it’s getting better and better. We had a great day and the event seemed to be very well attended. I spent the entire day talking to a lot of very enthusiastic folk while Rammon spent the day selling lots of stuff for us. This is such an easy event to get to and a nice venue with plenty of parking. The organisers worked hard setting everything up and I would like to thank everyone concerned.

It’s important to attend events like these. As a beginner I remember how much the experience changed my perspective of bonsai. As a result I started to take my bonsai much more seriously and then, funnily enough, i started to get a lot better at it. Also the opportunity to meet other enthusiasts is invaluable. You just CANNOT substitute the experience of bonsai shows with forums, Facebook and the like, they are absolutely no substitute for face to face contact with bonsai (and other folk).

Put this in your diary for next year, we will be doing.

However if you had trouble getting off the sofa here are a few pic’s of some interesting bonsai that I particularly liked (scrolls aside 😉 in no particular order….


P1150269 P1150270 P1150271 P1150272 P1150273 P1150274 P1150275 P1150276 P1150277 P1150280