You would think that after 50 years I would be getting the hang of life by now. However I still haven’t mastered the art of ignoring the things that annoy me and get me down. I have a good friend that has had his fair share of problems and has massive responsibilities but you would never know. Just like the proverbial water of a ducks back my buddy sails through life, seemingly, without a care. I am sure that’s a skill but not one I have mastered.

At this time of year two things get me down, actually three, well actually more than three but IN PARTICULAR three things get me down, one is a corporation tax bill but, the only thing worse than paying tax in NOT paying tax so I have to suck it up and press on.  The second thing that pisses me off is all the B.S surrounding Christmas. It’s an important event from a business point of view but I can’t help thinking it’s all got out of hand. I simply cannot put into words the contempt I have for the modern event sold as Christmas. Seeing as this blog does not have an adult certificate I will move swiftly on….

The third thing that gets me down is the short dark dingy and cold conditions we have to endure here in Blighty. I love my country but at this time of year the weather absolutely SUCKS. What bonsai nut does not love to see their trees growing and doing well. At this time of year autumn colour has gone and it looks like being an absolute age before we see spring heave into view. Thankfully we are normally pretty busy at this time of year so I don’t get much time to wallow in my misery. They tell me every cloud has a silver lining but the only part of a cloud I want to see is the back of them.

Earlier today I was poking around the garden and with a concerted effort managed to find the other half of my half empty glass. I have always found a full glass the best remedy for a gloomy outlook. There are actually a lot of cool things in my garden and I found these two which you may not have seen before.


This one is currently one of my favourite bonsai. Before you all think I have emptied too many of those full glasses and fallen off my perch let me explain. This tiny little tree is a crab apple. I acquired it when the previous owner fell of his perch for the last time. The tree was grown from seed in a pot and has been doing so for over thirty years now. The tree has never been wired and has pretty much just grown exactly as you see it here. Part of what I hate about this time of year is the insane noise and frantic activity that is so unnecessary. Bonsai has always been my chance to escape the tragic insanity that is modern life. However even our fabled pass-time has been sullied to some extent. It’s hard to get a bonsai tree noticed these days unless it’s just insanely impressive and loud. I have certainly been guilty of creating one or two very loud bonsai over the years. I think we all need a tree like this little guy to help keep us grounded, it always reminds me of why I got into bonsai all those years ago, because I love trees.

Just in case you all think I have gone bullshit nuts here is the tree that sits next to my little crab apple and that’s a story for another day 😉