This week we had a delivery of trees which bought us a special little piece. Not so many years ago getting hold of quality Japanese bonsai was a work-a-day thing. However since the recession hit, our currency devalued and the Nazi party took over policing of plant imports, such things have largely come to an end. After all who is insane enough to bring one of these in whilst the lunatics are warming up their bandsaw? However I was lucky enough to stumble across this very unusual trident earlier in the year. It came into Europe several years ago. As with all maples it looks pretty poor with leaves on but I was particularly impressed with the branch structure on this one. Normally such trees have spindly immature structure but not this one. The trunk is quite unique too and great bark quality. It’s only really possible to get bonsai with this level of maturity from Japan, simply because it takes so long to develop and European bonsai, by and large, has not been under way for long enough. With a better pot this tree is ready for the show bench and could quickly take you to events like the Noelanders Trophy.

Price including VAT but not delivery is £2475. Not negotiable but we do take trees in PX. If you are looking to add a special maple to your collection I doubt you will find another like this one, its a nice departure from all those massive triangle trunk tridents that were so popular a few year ago.

In the meantime I will be happy having this beautiful tree on my benches, one of the perks of the job 😉


P1170013 P1170019 P1170020 P1170022