I have a particular passion for olive trees. I have a lot and tend to buy them just because I love them so much. The trouble is I am also running a business and there are now just too many holed up here. We have a LOT of new tree stock coming in the autumn and I now need to think about making some space. Much as I hate to do it I have instigated a sale of some nice stocky olive trees. These are larger than they appear in our images and with a little work will make some excellent bonsai trees.

Savings are up to £85.00!

This is a strictly limited time offer, original prices will be restored on

August 21st.

Some of these trees are ‘at cost’ we’re not messing about we need to shift some stock!

To see our reduced price sale items simply type REDUCED into the search box at the top of our home page.

Grab a bargain before I change my mind!