If you have been trying to access our web site over the weekend but to no avail we have to apologise for not being here. Our web host 123-reg decided to blow themselves into oblivion by deleting lots of web sites across the UK. Just to add insult to injury they decided not to be honest about what they had done and kept us all hanging around whilst they figured out how to bullshit us all. It appears that some ‘fat head’ ran a script with errors and burned a, not surprisingly, undisclosed number of sites and permanently deleted a ton of data. Whilst it appears they do back ups, in such an event as this their T&C absolve them of any responsibility.

Thanks to the diligence of our very own tech’ Sarah (the unsung hero of Kaizen Bonsai) we had our own back up and after a lot of hard work by Sarah and her other half we were back on line Sunday evening. Had Sarah not made our own private back up it’s very likely our web site could have been lost. I have been building this site now for about fifteen years and there is simply no way on earth we could have recreated all of it. Safe to say Kaizen Bonsai would have been finished for good. A lot of UK businesses were not so lucky, or prepared, and today face a very uncertain future. We’ll be moving servers very soon!

All this techy stuff leaves me cold, I prefer to pay those that understand it to work on my behalf but if it’s your thing here is a little more detail …

Web host 123-reg deletes sites in clean-up error

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused and I would like to pass on our sincere and heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Sarah without whom none of this would be here.