Now summer  (such as it was) is solidly behind us it’s the time of year when we get busy whipping some of our stock into shape. Living out on the coast the next three months will most likely be very mild and experience has shown it to be an ideal time to work evergreens of all kinds. It also tends to coincide with an ominous lull in activity prior to the Christmas madness kicking into high gear. Not that we are exactly quite around here, I live in hope there might be a quiet few days to get caught up but it’s avoided me so far in 2016.

Third tree of the week was this scots pine. I bought a whole forest of these a year ago and their growth over the summer has been quite exceptional. This is one of the less exciting examples but I fancied letting myself into all this easily. It never ceases to amaze me what can happen with a scruffy tree in four hours. These scots bend beautifully at this time of year and are a joy to work with. My advice to to bust out those savings which are not earning you a penny and buy one of these, work it up nicely and sell it to one of your mates, then buy another. That’s all I have been doing for close on thirty years now, how hard can it be, it’s just a green triangle on a stick 😉


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