Styling bonsai using wire has, in some quarters, always been a bit controversial. I guess it could be viewed as quite invasive but done properly it can work wonders. It would be nice to just sit and look at our yamadori and clip over it from time to time, given enough years this COULD make a nice bonsai. However when you have as much junk around your garden as I do a little clipping is just not going to cut it, excuse the pun. These days I don’t get anywhere close to the time I would like to spend working on trees, there is always just so much to do. However we have sold so many trees this year that the garden is looking a bit thin and so I am having to mobilise my old arse to get some of the old lags whipped into shape.

Over the last couple of weeks, as well as having a few interesting dental challenges I have been trying to work up this old scots pine. Sadly I had to break out the big wire, which I try to avoid these days but this lump needed a strong hand to get it squared away. It never ceases to amaze me doing this type of work. About half way through the wiring I had a picture in my head of exactly how I wanted this to look, the final result is not even close, I’m sure these old trees have a mind of their own. It’s a bit of a weird one and it took way longer than I had thought at the outset but squint at it a bit and I think it worked out Ok.

More coming soon.


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