It’s been a wonderful week here at KB. We have just the right number of orders coming in and now the evil north wind has gone and the weather is beautiful. 15c outdoors and 40c in the greenhouse and no daytime rain for over two months. Trees are looking beautiful and my new bobber is finished and ready for the road. Life is GOOD!

Highlight of the week was a visit from my old friend Uncle Albert (AKA Tim). I have known Tim for over 15 years now and for a sprightly 83 year old he is an inspiration. Tim has been at bonsai longer than I have and just at the point most folk are considering giving up Tim is digging in with lots of new trees recently added to his collection including at least six sabina junipers over the last few months. Tim has skills and does a grand job getting these beautiful yamadori trees cleaned up and ready for me to style.

The secret to styling sabina junipers (all junipers in fact) as bonsai is not to remove much foliage, if any at all, work with the tree and it’s natural appearance, don’t disturb the roots, never work a tree that’s not putting on strong growth and generally respect your material. The lightest of touches is all that is required. Heavy handed work will end in failure EVERY time.

Tim’s trees have been in their pots for 3-4 years. A little tickle has got these going in the right direction now……


This one was going to put up a fight.

This one pretty much did itself.