By this time in the bonsai year we should would normally be relaxing a bit, sucking down some¬†inebriating beverages and catching a few rays. Sadly that’s not happened this year, for a start we have been suffering out here on the east coast with biting north winds and late October temperatures, only a polar bear would be outside in those conditions sunning himself. Secondly it’s just been too dammed busy (which I know is a good thing) thanks to all your orders. There’s just never a minute to take a deep breath. Case in point I was dragged from my bed last Saturday at an unearthly hour (even for me) by a dodgy looking lorry driver with no front teeth and sporting a fine pair of flip flops. Standing there in my bare feet and not a lot else it’s hard to know which of us was the more bewildered and surprised as I opened the door. As the fog lifted and I saw the curtain-sider in my drive and the pink slip the driver was thrusting in my direction (no English) all became clear, it was my latest delivery of yamadori. So before the sun appeared over the horizon or I had a chance to get a cup of coffee in me I had to hump about a ton and a half of scruffy looking plants.

My blog posts of late are perhaps becoming a little boring (More new trees, yawn!) but there has been no time to compose witty prose since all I have been doing is sorting out deliveries. There has not been time to barely even start listing new stock for sale on the web site. Such is the demand for trees we have been fighting off customers with a big stick. So, if you have been waiting for pictures, prices or other enlightening details I must apologise for being such an awkward old sod but all good things come to those who wait.

This particular delivery includes a few choice bits and bobs. We will be sitting on some of these until the end of summer, others are available now and a couple won’t ever be available. There are some nice bits here and the prices are pretty good considering the quality. As always the more bent and twisted the higher the price, a constant source of wonderment to my dad who says “How much? For that price I would think you could get a nice straight one.”