I am always on the lookout for new bonsai trees and good raw material, it is my business after all. Every year it’s getting harder and more expensive to find just the right material at a workable price. Lucky for me I know some great guys and have a long reach. Sadly a lot of those guys are, just like me, getting old and humping great big bonsai trees around becomes a chore. That means occasionally a collection will become available and that’s largely what we have here.

I started into bonsai close to thirty years ago now and how that came about is a long story but there was a wonderful old gentleman involved, a real old school horticulturalist who would have bled sap. His grandfather supposedly came into contact with bonsai in China around the time of the Great War. Upon return home he employed some rudimentary bonsai techniques on the family nursery. His son had much the same experience during WW2 and my friend was the third generation to be bending and pruning trees. Once he largely retired from commercial horticulture I put myself into deep debt to buy as much of his stock as I could, most of the rest went to another friend and bonsai aficionado. Now his advancing years mean those trees have now come to us.

This little juniper was shaped with string prior to WW2!

Today we moved the entire collection of my long time bonsai buddy and fellow Norfolk native. These trees have been lovingly cared for over the last twenty to twenty five years and many are little time capsules and hold fond memories for me. There are a couple that even go back to to the old gent’ that started pioneering UK bonsai in the 1930s. Some of these will not be for sale simply because I am a sentimental old git. I obviously have to sell some or I’ll loose the roof over my head. Here you can see most of the collection and a few other random bits and pieces we bought over the last week. Once I get everything cleaned up and figured out they should start appearing on the web site


P.S. Sorry no prices yet. Please drop me an email and slide the images you are interested into it and I will put you on the list of contacts once I know where I am. There are another thirty trees coming in two weeks time 😉

Scots pine

Scots pine

Satsuki azalea



Picea a bit sad after the hot summer.

Mugo Pine cascade bonsai tree. Very old bonsai.

San jose juniper bonsai

Shimpaku juniper bonsai tree

Shimpaku juniper bonsai tree


Squamata juniper

Mugo pine bonsai tree

Mugo Pine Bonsai

Quince, Chaenomeles



Japanese black pine bonsai material

Huge carpinus raft yamadori bonsai (cheap).


Japanese maple.

Japanese maple bonsai

Yamadori Beech raft bonsai.

Japanese maple

Blaauws juniper bonsai

Large Japanese maple bonsai tree

Juniperus Chinensis


Squamata juniper bonsai tree

Fuchsia ‘Mrs Popple’ gnarly old bonsai tree.

Old Japanese shimpaku juniper

Korean hornbeam yamadori

English Oak Bonsai material



Old Chinese elm bonsai

Zelkova bonsai

Yamadori Taxus bonsai tree


English oak


Punica bonsai material

Korean hornbeam

Japanese maple bonsai material

Very old Chinese elm bonsai

Pinus sylvestris ‘beuvronensis’ Old bonsai tree

Japanese maple bonsai tree



Big Japanese maple bonsai material

Carpinus bonsai forest.

Japanese larch bonsai forest.

Wisteria bonsai.

Cedrus atlantica var. glauca. Blue cedar bonsai material.

Cedrus ‘brevifolia’ dwarf cedar bonsai tree.

Azalea bonsai.

Very special Japanese satsuki azalea.

Pinus sylvestris ‘beuvronensis’ bonsai tree, OLD!