It’s a sad fact we are all getting older. Having been at this bonsai lark for thirty odd years now I can say with confidence that there is a lot less testosterone flowing around the British bonsai scene than there was twenty years ago. Perhaps that’s the result of flagging middle age or perhaps we are all just a lot less motivated than we used to be. Life has a habit of doing that.

I am constantly ear-‘oled about getting smaller trees. It appears everyone is too old and weak to hump those big lumps about any more. I say “bollocks to all that” as they say, ‘use it or lose it’. Humping big bonsai around will keep you fit and heavy lifting is a sure fire way to stave off the onset of osteoporosis. To that end I thought I should assist in the upkeep of the health of the men of Britain by buying some big trees. Because I am so concerned about my customers health I might even be prepared to offer those trees for the price of an annual gym membership.

So, here are a couple of bargain basement monsters to get you all going. I have SO much new stock in the pipeline something has to give go grab a bargain and get fit into the bargain 😉


SOLD. Carpinus betulus. That’s one massive trunk.

Carpinus betulus. Raft bonsai, all parts are connected.