Around here autumn is a good time for me to get some trees worked. This year has been harder than normal because obviously Rammon went on his way and we have also been insanely busy too. I generally spend the autumn covered in dust knocking holes in big deciduous trees but this year I sold them all so I turned my attention to some sabina junipers that just weren’t selling. 

I adore sabina juniper but with my sausage fingers wiring them does drive me up the wall. However it is possible with care to create a very tight refined image. Following a subsequent years growth first work junipers can look amazing.  Autumn re-potting where necessary will also encourage strong summer growth as opposed to spring repotting which makes them sulk badly.


We sold this and then bought it back again.
Before he left Rammon whipped it into shape for me.
This stunner sat around for a couple of years unloved.
Yamadori is rarely this easy to work up.
Bought this half worked in September. Completely baffled as to how to proceed.
Nothing is impossible but I had to dig deep to figure this out and used most every trick in the book too. That low back part is weird but without it the live vein in the front will dry out. An easy tree to Photoshop but a bastard to deal with in the real world.
It never ceases to amaze me why folks don’t buy such beautiful trees as this.
Not exactly as easy as it looks  but a good place to start.