Folk in Britain are morbidly obsessed with the weather. Turn on the news today and all you will hear are stories about the cataclysmic conditions. The BBC found a spot of snow up on the moors where some folk who can’t drive abandoned their cars and ended up billeted in a school hall. It’s a good job we don’t get weather like that being suffered in parts of the U.S just now, there would be mass suicides if we did.

Here in Norfolk the weather is beautiful, the sun is shining and today I have spotted the first signs of spring. Aconites, snowdrops, daffodils and bluebells. Today I have seen little faces poking out of our nest boxes and the greenhouse is filled with the beautiful scent of Prunus blossom. It may well be a long time until spring gets fully under way but I for one am always happy to see these early harbingers of better things to come.


P.S. I remain somewhat surprised, given all the political insanity going on here that either the government, Brexit or the oppressive masters of the EU have not cancelled spring but I guess it shows just how important the┬ámachinations of men really are. This will all be going on long after we gone ­čÖé