I was busy replacing some knackered benches over the holiday and whilst clearing up and poking around in the back hedge I turned up an old brake disk. This rusty bit of iron came from an MG/Austin project from the late fifties I did years ago. Not too sure how it found it’s way into the hedge. Seeing as recycling is so fashionable I figured I could use this. It’s now made a nice home for this POS privet.
Privet bonsai, unusual pot

The wind won’t blow it over and i prefer it to plastic for sure.

The ‘pot’ is older than the tree by about fifty years.

Next week the Shovel-head piston pot.
The Honda crankcase landscape planting.
Kawasaki sump pan pot.
Ford brake drum pot.
The Chevy’ exhaust cascade pot.
Matchless headlight bucket mountain planting……. In fact the more I think about it there are endless possibilities for all the old scrap I have cluttering up the place. Most garages have more of this crap lying around than they can cope with and it’s pretty much worthless as scrap. Considering ceramic bonsai pots are largely made in coal or diesel fired kilns and have to travel half way around the world perhaps some creative thinking could….. A: Save us money. B: Re-use some waste. C: Improve our public image. D: Give the planet a break. E: Give us all something to smile about…..