It’s amazing to me these days how everybody knows everything about everyone. Seems anyone with a working mouth is an expert on most everything and the affairs of everyone. However in the case of what I get up to that’s evidently not the case. I get fucked right off by being told, by folk I don’t know, all about what exactly I am doing. So let me put the record straight before some dumb shits get the better of us.

It seems every year or so I have to deal with this bullshit and it’s pissing me off. Just so you heard it from me …….  Kaizen Bonsai is not closing it’s doors and we are definitely NOT retiring, ever. The next generation of the family is already invested in the business and committed to it. We have put an additional near quarter of a million quid into stock recently and our turnover is 10x what it was just 5 years ago.  We have fulfilled over 30,000 orders in the last year alone. We are only just getting started!

So, if you hear rumours contrary to the above you know you are dealing with a bullshitter and please feel free to straighten them out on my behalf.

Thank you! We REALLY appreciate your support.


I would refer my dear readers to the following.

The Reports of my Demise are Greatly Exaggerated.