By far my most successful academic subject at school was English. It’s hard to associate me with any academic pursuit other than carrot crunching and clod-hopping, especially if you have heard me speak. My brain just can’t keep up some times. However I DO consider language to be important and in a time where vocabulary and meaning are being abused like never before a little adherence to clear meaning and grammatical standard ought to be embraced so….What’s the Same But Different?

Has anyone noticed how often in the media folk being interviewed answer a direct question with the phrase “Yes, No…” or “No, absolutely…“. What the hell is that supposed to mean? We live in a world where meaning is rapidly being lost as words loose their original meanings in favour of, very often, their exact opposite.

Couple that with the intentionally ambiguous, possibly mis-leading claims of commercial interests who just want to sell you at any cost and who know’s what way is up these days? I’m going to be knocking on the door of 60 in a couple of years time. Since I was a toddler it seems to me washing powder has been washing whiter that white (whatever that is). Toothpaste has been turning yellow teeth into diamonds and washing up liquid has been making life so easy your dishes ought to be jumping back into the cupboard all on their f***ing own. Don’t even get me started on household and automotive cleaning products, lawn treatments or paint.

Suffice to say, and I have quoted Mr Poe many times here before …

“Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear.”

Trusted sources of true information are few and far between. When we take into consideration political expediency and the commercial imperative who’s to be trusted?

I’m not here to make that call for you. I have said here many times…

Excrementum vincit cerebellum – Bullshit baffles brains”

Sadly commercial interest has made it look like most everything we get into is a bit of a hoodwink and it’s tough to believe what we hear or see. Much like Jack Webb’s Joe Friday in the TV show Dragnet from the 1950’s it’d be nice to have “Just the Facts Ma’am“.

So, in the pursuit of brevity let me just say that, as of today……


We have been testing our new formula over the last 2 growing seasons and the results are sufficiently encouraging that we have now chosen to add this unique element into our tried, tested and proven mixes and as a result they are even better than before.

Our bark ingredients are now also 100% UK sourced.

We sell between 200-1000 litres a day and our products have been supremely popular for at least 15 years now across all parts of the UK with customers coming back year after year and in the words of one of my other great inspirations in life, Forrest Gump…

“That’s all I have to say about that”.


green dream bonsai biochar charcoalBiochar is now included in all our soil mixes

The same but different. Our soil mixes now contain biochar produced in the UK