I was recently the guest of some great guys behind the Cyprus Bonsai Forum http://bonsaicyprus.forumotions.com/. We first met last year when everyone visited our nursery for a couple of days. I was very pleased to receive an invitation to visit. Because of pressure on my time I could only manage a short visit this time.

Working with Stavros, Greg and Savvas reminded me of when I started my bonsai journey 20 years ago. So much enthusiasm and so much excitement is great to be around. I felt like being around a bunch of kids, these guys have so much energy…. and so many questions… and so many plants too! That is just what it takes to succeed with bonsai and these guys will go all the way for sure.

I am amazed that bonsai does not seem to have more of a following in Cyprus. However left to my friends here the word is sure to spread and I am VERY pleased to be able to help in a small way.

Thanks for a great weekend guys and for your ongoing support it was a privilege and an honour to be a part of your journey and hope to be back soon.


L>R Greg' Stavros & Savvas