Since my post about us being a little behind things have gotten a little worse. In spite of drafting in extra help we are not really making much headway. We are now like a cow’s, cow’s arse. You might need to cogitate on that last bit for a while 😉

Just to add insult to injury I have had to get another project on the go. This week I am busy working on this old motor I have left over from a previous life. Having been in storage since 1996 it’s being recommissioned ready for the road and will be sold at auction early next month. My good friend Richard (nice bonsai collection) is helping and lending me his facilities but, it’s a long job and explains why I am writing this at 3.30am. I’m doing 18-20 hour days and at my age that’s no joke!

Next week I am away on a buying trip and will be gathering up some amazing trees so keep an eye out. I already have a lot of plants reserved with our collectors and suppliers and a couple of private collections in the bag too. I advise you don’t go buying anywhere else until you see what i’ve got coming, trust me, it’s the smart move.

So please bear with us, we are all busting our humps to keep you all supplied.


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