Having so many trees (just over 3000 pots at this moment in time) it’s tough to keep an eye on everything. I have a working nursery not a display garden and as such, should you visit, you will have to be very diligent in your explorations to really appreciate what we have here. However as the year progresses one or two trees do make their themselves known.

I have said before that I do not really have a favourite bonsai tree or species. I tend to gravitate towards whatever looks good in the moment. Trees I particularly like are those that have just arrived. This week we had just over 400 new plants come into us. Among them was Benny.

Benny (Beni-chidori) is a pretty Japanese maple. I sold one of these several years ago and have always had a hankering for another. Benny crossed my path a few weeks ago and I wasted no time in thrashing out a deal with the owner. The tree needs a lot of time and careful work to refine and build ramification but the basics are all there. Once I get the tree refined I will look at the pot but for now this old clunker will do. However for the next week I will be happy to enjoy the beautiful foliage colour as it turns green.