A few people have asked if we are still here, what with a lack of web site updates and so on. Well the answer is YES. We are still here and in fact busier than we have ever been. So much so that we are looking to employ the services of another pair of hands. So what’s been going on?

So far this year we have attended two shows. I have been on a couple of buying trips. Collected 40 trees. Re-potted close to 450 trees so far. Prepared 1000 starter trees. Planted 250 hostas. Planted 100 trees in our growing bed and lifted 50 others. Taken delivery of close to 400 new bonsai and 50 pieces of yamadori, bought in two private collections. I have also filmed two new movies. Since Christmas we have prepared and shipped over 10 tonnes of  our very popular bonsai soil mixes. We have also sold around 400 bonsai trees and gained Ebay top seller status. Just for good measure we have also been developing our all new web site that should be live very soon. Oh, and I did a few workshops and packed a few parcels too.

On a personal level I have also recommissioned my lovely old car after more than 10 years in storage. I have also nearly finished building a very special motorcycle I have been beavering away on for the last year and my daughter just turned 21 too. What did I buy for her? A set of very special custom wheels for here ride!

So it’s been a busy few weeks and it’s just going to get worse. Once my new yamadori deliveries arrive soon I will have a total of over 600 trees to photograph and put onto the web site along with a whole host of new products, tools and pots.

I’m off for a lay down…….


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