It occurred to me recently that I might be a bit of a hoarder. I have always had a penchant for gathering stuff around me. Ever since I started work at age 13 I have been broke but I have always had a lot of stuff. I like stuff I can add value to, it’s better than money in the bank and has always served me well. However over the last few years business has been good and so my spending power has increased. This has allowed me to expand the business and also develop some great product lines at very competitive prices. But, it has also allowed me to gather more stuff than I have ever had. The problem i have is that there is no longer enough hours in a day to allow me to take care of everything much less to add any value. So, I have embarked upon a stock rationalisation programme. Over the summer we will be taking a lot of the stock we carry that nobody has ever seen and selling it on for whatever we can get. Hopefully this will mean I have more space and more time to take care of the things that will really benefit from the application of my time. Basically everything is for sale even the stuff that’s not for sale.

First up is this pair of yamadori mountain pines. We have listed these on Ebay at a 99p start with no reserve. I have to say this makes me nervous, these are two spectacular trees that I have quite a lot of money in but I must be firm with myself.

If my gamble pays off I will be happy. If not you just might bag a very special couple of trees and see me cry.

Yamadori Bonsai Pines x 2 Bargain Stock Clear Out