The stat’s for this blog show I get around 350-450 views a day. Not bad since less than a year ago I was at half that. Thanks to everyone for your support, it’s very encouraging. While browsing my stats I noticed a massive peak in interest a while back when my visitor numbers topped a thousand for the day. Further investigation showed I had put a post up that day with the title – Pines on Offer CHEAP! Whatever I say now will likely get me in trouble so I will leave you to make up your own minds.

This week I was very happy to see a new arrival at the nursery. This stumpy beast is an English elm (Ulmus procera). We go back a ways together and it’s nice to have it back here. The tree is for sale CHEAP!, here’s a little history.

Deep in the Norfolk countryside I have a little honey hole that is crammed with treasures. Little by little it’s disappearing thanks to the concerted efforts of mis-guided eco warriors ‘managing’ the place. The actions of these marauding meat heads is tragic to see as they destroy old woodland full of character, destroy habitat and strimmer frogs into oblivion. Since when does nature need to be managed, it did just fine before we cam along. So it’s been a quest of mine to rescue what I can from the chainsaw and chipper for more than 10 years now which brings me onto this elm.

Rumour has it there are about 250 localised forms of Ulmus procera. The ones that grow in south Norfolk and north east Suffolk have a nice small leaf form and spectacular craggy and long lived bark that will always display a spiral motion around the trunk. If you look closely at the pictures you will see it. This big lump was growing on the almost vertical side of a ditch. Getting it out of heavy stony soil took a long time and a spectacular amount of hard graft. All the others had been chopped off at the ground and I think this would have been next. A long walk back with the 75kg lump was pretty hard going too.

As is the way with elms a year later it had three foot extensions. Then some point after that I sold it to one of my local guys. Over the next two or three years we did some work on the tree and got it into a pot. I haven’t seen it for a couple of years until it rocked up here this week. Looking good, healthy and developing really well. So, we saved it from the eco-numpties and got it on the road, now I need to find a new custodian for the tree.

F.Y.I the tree is 26″ tall, 31″ wide and has a 15″ diameter nebari. All excluding the pot of course. The NON NEGOTIABLE price is £785.00 + delivery as required. That makes it the cheapest tree, pound for pound on our nursery. Next spring in a pot the price WILL go up so grab a bargain whilst you can, drop me a line.


3/11/14 Now sold. Thanks for looking.
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