I don’t make any secret of my contempt for the modern idea of Christmas but if folk want to go crazy buying stuff who am I to stand in their way. As usual this year has been crazy with hundreds of little trees packed and out the door we have been frantically busy. I even had to muck in and pack boxes for several days :-0

So now all the shouting is done I am already buying new stock for delivery in January and we have one eye firmly on 2015. As I mentioned recently I have not taken a vacation for about 22-23 years now. How can you keep bonsai trees and sod off leaving them to their own devices? Still One good aspect of Christmas is that it gives us the only chance we get throughout the year for a break. When you work from home time off is precious. I have a lot of decorating to do, a bike engine to build and a massive amount of chainsaw size gardening to do. The paint is in and the skip has arrived…. some holiday.

Our web site will be open for business as usual, I may answer a few emails but we won’t be answering the phone or shipping parcels until we commence normal service on January 5th. If your order is urgent ….tough, sorry.

So our year is all but complete. Looks like it was another record business year and we are looking forward to new and exciting challenges in 2015. The shortest day has passed and I thought it would be nice to share a photo of the sunrise on winter solstice.

P1150945Catherine and I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers, supporters and friends most sincerely for your support during the past year. It’s been tough during 2014 but for all the right reasons. Personally I still find it remarkable and exciting every time an order arrives so thank you. Also we have been overwhelmed by positive feed back and a lot of good feeling this year. Sure we don’t always hit the nail squarely on the head but we do our best to try. Now we are all shagged out and need a break and time to do something different for a few days. So again THANK YOU!

I thought I would share this pic’ of George looking about how I feel right now.

Have a great Christmas whatever you are doing!