I’m an ornery old cuss, it runs in the family. A lot of people have asked me why our nursery if so far off the beaten track. Put simply it’s not possible for me to reside in the south east (nice weather) and be any further away from civilisation without a boat. I despise crowds and loathe congestion and I like a bit of open space. Not only that I was born within the sound of the sea and whilst I also loathe boats, and get seasick real easy, something appeals to me about living on the fringes of the country. We live one mile from the edge of the broads national park which is particularly pretty in winter when nobody is mincing about in silly boats. There are a lot of great riverside pubs too. Five minutes from my desk there is a 2000 year old Roman fort with uninterrupted five mile views. About eight minutes away is the beach. The fishing is crap but the seals are soooo cute.

Sunday morning saw me and George (my dog) out well before dawn. One thing I don’t get, It’s freezing cold and I’m shivering like a mobster in a tax office. George is running around  with his junk out and doesn’t bat an eyelid ????

Unusually I had my camera and here’s what we saw, and that’s one more reason why I live out on the east coast :-)))

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