It’s been a busy year so far. It’s always our intention to turn orders around within 24 hours but we are just not making it at the moment so if you are waiting for a delivery we apologise for the delay.

Last year was one of our best ever UNTIL the end of August when it all dried up very suddenly. By the end of October I was contemplating the prospect of shutting up shop for good. Fortunately we had just enough to hang on by our fingernails and Christmas sales saved the day. It now seems all those orders we didn’t get through autumn are rolling in now. Since Christmas we have been like a cow’s arse (all behind). No matter how hard we work, how many hands we pull in, or how many hours we do the workload outstrips our efforts to contain it. It didn’t help that we had to take a week out to cover the Noelanders exhibition in February. Then last week I was away on a buying trip (500 new trees arriving within two weeks) whilst Rammon was off doing a demo. I am also in the throes of re-potting 450 trees. We have 500 starter trees to deal with next week and our new stock begins arriving next week too.

We are currently selling over a half ton of soil a week and mixing all of that is wearing Rammon to a frazzle. A couple of years of this and he will look as old as I do! So please do bear with us. I am starting work every day at 5am and we are averaging 15 hours a day, 7 days a week. Tonight I have a demo’ to do, that’ll make a 19 hour day. We will be up to date later today but then the weekend will put us back again. Call me naive but I figured once a guy turned 50 the pace of life would slow up a bit and there would be time to smell the flowers. What a load of bollocks that turned out to be!

I thought you would like to see what we turn out in 6 hours. We have been knocking out parcels like this all week. This is just one collection for our carrier put together between 9am-3pm (thats a double row of items too). We did the same number of small packages for the Post Office also.

So, the one thing not to over look in the midst of our chaos is the fact that a lot of people are putting their faith in us and ordering. Considering a few months back I was ACTUALLY looking through job listings this is a great relief and we can only offer our sincerest thanks to everyone who continues to support us. From all at Kaizen Bonsai THANK YOU!



Keep a watch right here, as soon as our new stock begins to arrive I will be putting pic’s up. There are some beautiful pieces and at prices you will not want to miss!P1160505