It’s a funny old business this bonsai lark. In particular the business of buying yamadori (collected trees) is fickle, extremely risky and entirely unpredictable. Over the years we have been taken to the cleaners and have lost a years profit on a single deal. There are a lot of dodgy characters out there who are more interested in a quick buck that your ongoing bonsai experience. Most yamadori is also lifted without permits or permission, so it’s stolen. It has taken me over 10 years to build up a very small number of quality suppliers who tick all the boxes. Our yamadori is rarely the cheapest out there but considering we have to suffer at the hands of the VAT man I think we do pretty well and one thing you can rely upon is that we guarantee our trees 100%. If yamadori you buy off us fails we will return your money or provide a mutually agreed alternative.

One thing about yamadori is it tends to go in cycles. At one time we had hundreds of Mugo pines. Next we had larch and spruce. Last year it was mostly junipers. You never know what’s around the corner and there is NO continuity of supply. My advice is if you see something you really like just buy it because next year the supply could dry up entirely.

A few weeks ago I put up a post, in response to a couple of emails, with pictures of oak trees. That proved very popular with a massive response. Well, since then we have been inundated with oak trees so here are a few more now in stock. Prices are from under £200 to over £1500 with most in the £250-£500 bracket. All are a minimum of two years in their pots and some are much longer. All will be available within about 4 weeks once they have good growth in my hands.

Most of these are considerably larger than they appear in the pictures. It’s really hard to convey the power of a tree in a little snap shot. If you want further details on any of these just drop me a line.


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