I don’t think many people see the world in the way I do, I have some crazy things going on up there. Unfortunately that leaves me at a bit of a disadvantage when it comes to buying bonsai trees and in particular raw material because I, as it were, “See dead people”. That is to say, my over active imagination sees things that a lot of folk don’t because they are sane. Over the years that has left me with a great many trees that are what we might call ‘a challenge’. I have written here many times about the rewards of buying and working raw material, rewards both personal and financial. However still a great many folk are afraid to take the plunge.

As a business I have to keep things moving, it’s the only way I have to pay my wages bills and put food on the table. My penchant for buying raw material has, of late, begun to cause a problem. I know the best way to move those trees is for me to work them into something nice, then they always sell. However thanks to the generous support of all our customers we have become so busy all the time that there is now no time left for working all those beautiful trees. There are about two and a half thousand plants here now and just pulling out the weeds has become a major problem for us let alone spending the long hours it takes to work and style raw material.

So, I have decided to offer some trees at a special price to try and help clear the nursery a little and free up some cash for other things we are up to. For now I have made price reductions on a small range of trees listed under our Yamadori & Raw Material pages. Just scroll through the section and you will see the details.

THESE SPECIAL PRICES WILL END ON AUGUST 5. After that time prices will revert to their original figures. Snooze and you loose. We will be happy to take a 20% deposit on any tree so long as the balance is paid within 60 days and still honour the sale prices. There are reductions here of up to £680 and several trees are being offered at less than cost. The fact is I get carried away sometimes and buy things for much too high a price and so my loss can be your gain.