It’s becoming a bit of a tradition now, us polling down to Heathrow every autumn (4am start) and with good reason. This show has turned into what I think is currently the UKs premier bonsai clubs show. The team here are tireless and have excelled themselves this year with a cracking event. A nice new big sports centre packed to the rafters with largely well presented trees representing some of the most active clubs and bonsai enthusiasts in the country. I have nothing but admiration for Mark and his team who put on this annual show that has topped out at over five hundred visitors this year and in the process raised £853 to the Royal British Legion. Fantastic! Long may it continue and, if your weren’t there shame on you 😉

I managed to talk myself hoarse with a constant stream of enquiries all day, sorry if I didn’t get to you. Early in proceedings everyone went outside to take a photo so I had a minute to rush around and take a few snaps of trees that caught my eye. Here are a random selection……

The date for next year is 22 October at the same venue. Put it in your diary and be there, you’ll be glad you did!


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