In the light of my previous blog post about price rises I am very happy to say we have good news about our range of carving tools previously branded as Termites. We have invested heavily in this range now known as Saburrtooth® wood carving tools. The range has almost doubled and now offers a great deal more scope for all you carvers out there. As well as increasing the range we have managed to drastically reduce the price increase we were facing to less than 10%, it should have been a good deal more. The price of these has remained unchanged since we first introduced them in 2009.

When I was first sent samples of these tools back in 2008 I have to say i was extremely sceptical about how useful they would be for bonsai work. Now I never carve a project without using these for at least a few operations. I really couldn’t work without them these days. The cutting action of these tools is second to none in it’s smoothness and controllability. There is NO better tool for removing dead bark or rotten wood which is easily cleaned away without cutting the underlying material. I have also found many of the larger burrs to be supremely efficient for external shaping and sculpting, nothing else comes close for that type of work. So, if you have not used Saburrtooth® burrs before, buy one, there are options for every power tool out there, you WILL be delighted.

Our new range of tools includes the Extra Coarse 1/4″ shaft items that are superb for getting to grips with large projects and those requiring rapid stock removal with a minimum of loading. This range includes some larger tools for die grinders that I would certainly not want to be without.

The 2″ range of Buzz Out wheels includes new abrasive grades making this versatile tool even more useful.

For Dremel size machines there are additions to the Small Shaft range including an extremely useful new Needle Point tool.

If you have an Arbotech machine we have a superb round faced edge cutting 2″ Disk option in a variety of abrasive grades.

For those of you who like to tackle big projects, carve big lumps of wood or ever work with fibreglass there is the 4″ option for angle grinders. Incredibly efficient cutting tools with the very nicest of manners, even for inexperienced wood carvers. These are BY FAR the cheapest option open to those who want a big but safe carving tool.

Saburrtooth® wood carving tools are 100% made in the rust belt of the USA where supreme manufacturing skills second to none still exist. You can be sure that every tool you buy is going to do exactly what it should. Ours is the largest range of Saburrtooth® burrs currently available from stock in the UK. These tools are very rapidly gaining an excellent reputation amongst the worlds leading wood carvers. Put some in your tool box today, you’ll be glad you did.


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