Thanks to everyone who sponsored me. Our local group has raised around £18,000 and worldwide the Distinguished Gentlemans Ride is closing in on $6 million raised.



Okay Peeps. It’s that time of year again when I make an appeal for your money. Not for me of course, I earn every penny I have, but I need your money for a very good cause.

Once again this Sunday I will be joining The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride. I feel this event is important in raising awareness of issues that affect all of us men. The point is to raise money to help men that really need it so PLEASE go to my fund raising page and sponsor me dressing up like a twat and enduring a 200 mile trip on a bike designed in the 1930s, this year the Harley flathead will be my distinguished ride. Come on peeps put your hands in your pocket for this great cause.

Last years ride.

Bonsai is largely populated by men, with a few notable exceptions, and I am proud to be numbered among those proud fellows. But, having been through the mill a few times in my life I am acutely aware we should never be too proud to ask for help if we need it no matter how hard that might be. I have had great help and support from the bonsai community over the years and I know what a great bunch of characters we all are. Now is the time to pay some of our good fortune back and help somebody in need. PLEASE follow this LINK and donate whatever you can afford. You can copy and paste this into your browser too

The ride for 2019, my Harley flathead bone-shaker