Well it’s taken me the best part of three long weeks but the latest bonsai video is now available online completely free because I am such a lovely generous philanthrope. Overall this has been planned for several years but the stars finally aligned, the tree was ready, Kevin was free and my stupid head was in the right place. Please enjoy, share it around and pay attention, there’s stuff to be learned here. If you are one of those vacuous airheads that just skip to the end (remember with analytics we know what ya’ll do) at least give us a like before you move on.

I have written about my relationship with sensei Willson many times before but assuming most of you have not spent the time to go back over fifteen years of long winded bonsai blogs let me reiterate. Were it not for Kevin I would not have remained on this bonsai journey for over thirty years now. We first met in spring of ’98. I arrived with three other ‘likely lads’ to a group workshop day, it was a beautiful early spring morning and being the newby whilst everyone piled in the house for breakfast I was getting all our gear in.

I was pretty much done when this quite intimidating geezer with wild hair stuck his bleary eyed head out the workshop door, looked at the massive garden juniper I had bought, looked at me and muttered the words that have come to mean so much to me……”Fuck off” before he disappeared again.

Not sure what to do next I just hung around outside until someone came out to get me. As a fresh faced youngster with a sheltered upbringing i was entirely discombobulated. However, above almost anything else I value honesty and plain speaking. I don’t ‘get‘ people, I have no people skills, I don’t do subtlety, i can’t read body language and hints. The entire field of human person to person interaction is beyond me. Once I realised I had not done anything wrong, like a puppy taking a dump on the carpet, I began to think I had arrived in a place I very much wanted to be.

Let me explain. In my ignorance I turned up at a four participant one day workshop with a tree that would take any normal person and a very good assistant at least two days to complete. Kevin is never one to wimp out, he always makes sure everyone goes away with a finished job. Seeing the fucking great hedge I dragged in at 8am, before his first coffee, I now judge he was being restrained. I have done exactly the same when, at 8am some spud faced chancer turns up with something similarly daft and you know an early bath will NOT be on the cards.

We did get that tree done, I got sunstroke wiring outside for eight hours without a break and Kevin had to work until gone 8pm whilst my compadres just sat around watching and talking shit. The result? Well the tree did Ok, it’s now living in Belgium last I knew and Kevin literally set my hair on fire and I have NEVER looked back since. Before meeting Kevin, after several years of book and club learning I was ready to chuck in the towel but, here I am, still, and all thanks to my wonderful mate.

One of the things that has always, and I use the term with conviction, fucked me off about bonsai is the competitive cut throat, tribal nature of the whole affair in some quarters. I can state for a fact, more folk have been lost to the hobby because of that than all the dead trees we have to endure. So, it’s a wonder and an absolute joy to me that Kevin and I have finally done what we have talked about for many years and collaborated together to produce what may turn out to be one of the countries most significant bonsai trees. Whilst this might be the first collaboration it will NOT be the last. It’s about time folk like us started to work together.

This video was very much a last minute thing. I called Kevin on Friday and by Tuesday morning we were working. This was entirely off the cuff, no planning was made, no scripting, we both just jumped in with both feet and two days later we “Fucking nailed it” (watch the video).

Sadly my ability with technology is minimal. I’m from an analogue world with a lifelong love of internal combustion which was pretty much what was going on in by baldy head trying to put this 2 hour compressed to 30 minutes programme together and it’s taken me forever, like 50 odd hours sitting hunched over a screen going bug eyed. I know it’s not the best, but at this time it’s the best I can do. It is free, Kaizen Bonsai has paid for the project so do please continue to support us because without our lovely loyal followers this COULD be the last video….. but I doubt it.

It pains me to say this, I sound like an absolute c**t but do please like, share, subscribe, comment (nicely) and post our little film and all that other shit. Not 100% sure what that all means I just copied it from somewhere else but do rest assured YOUR support is very much appreciated in the Potter and Willson households.

Enjoy the show

Graham Potter – Grahampotterbonsai.com