Ho! Bloody Ho! It’s Christmas!

So, here we are at the end of another year pretty much, just the excesses of Ho! Bloody Ho! It’s Christmas! and new years to endure before we launch into 2024 filled with hopes and dreams. I have never been one for ‘marking‘ days. These so called high days come and go and I genuinely could not care less, i don’t even celebrate my own birthday. However I know normal folk like to mark such occasions which is fine by me, knock yourselves out, quite literally if you want too. Ho! Bloody Ho! etc’.

I guess there’s merit in taking a look back over the last year even if it’s only to take stock of how many of those hopes and dreams I was holding just 365 days ago lie dashed to pieces on the pavement of life. 2023 has sucked ass in so many respects I just don’t have the energy to go over it all again.

We do have a great deal to be thankful for in this country of ours. Whilst the reasons seem to have become vanishingly small lately at least we don’t have bombs falling on us and the likelihood of being gunned down in the street is vanishingly small, but, for how long. It’s hard to imagine how peace can be sustained much longer based on our current trajectory.

By and large this year has been shit for many folk. Interest rates, social unrest, inflation, green fascism, Immigration, employment (or lack thereof) or any one of a million other ailments and annoyances prevalent in our country have all taken their toll on our souls. Us bonsai folk have had the added bonus of dealing with some of the crappest weather I have experienced on over thirty five years of cultivating wee trees in pots.

Still, next year we can look forward to the spectacle of a general election.  An unfettered clown show performed by some of the crassest dullards and wind assisted f**kwits it’s possible to imagine. Like it’ll make ANY difference at all. Same bullshit different colour tie. If one thinks it’ll make an iota of a difference then ya’ll as daft as they are.

Most days I like to sit down early in the morning with a thick slice of toast and a strong cup o’ joe and catch the news (or should that be views?). Hard to do these days. Coverage is typically about 2 minutes of news, half hour of ad’s and half hour of opinion. I guess you all know what they say about opinions….. If not search “opinions are like buttholes

I’m no great fan of Ricky Gervais but credit where it’s due!  “The right to an opinion does not include the right to be agreed with, taken seriously or even listened to.”

Suffice to say my early morning interactions with the ‘box of lies‘ normally ends in me watching an episode of the Simpsons. Whilst this was once considered by some to be the most corrupting and controversial thing on the box, today it’s a bastion of common sense and family values. It’s about the only thing I can watch these days without steam issuing from ever orifice.

As I sit here with a new cold just in time for Christmas outside my window it’s barely light at mid-day, rain is streaming off the thatch and my garage door has a pile of wet soggy leaves piled up against it. Testament to the fact that I have not opened it in weeks.  Dear God I need to get out and ride a bike before I go totally insane.

On a brighter note? Here at KB we seem to have clung on for another year despite the best efforts of our esteemed leaders that are doing everything they possibly can to choke the life out of us. I even managed to whip up some videos and with all our stock piled high in the warehouse ready for next season I guess I should be able to rest easy but that’s just not me now is it.

All I really wanted to say was this last year has been rough on many of us for different reasons but one thing that has remained a great thrill to all of us here at KB is the continued support of so many lovely customers and friends. Despite everything I love how bonsai folk just persevere and keep going and growing. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH, your support means the world both to me and all the family here!

It’s our prayer that you all have a great and memorable Christmas surrounded by those you love most. Have a drink, a smoke or whatever you do and make the most of a few days peace and quiet before we start again. And let’s all hope the new growing season arrives in a timely fashion with kind weather.

God bless you all.

From Graham, Catherine, Richard and Sarah (not forgetting Harley and Diesel).

Ho! Bloody Ho! It's Christmas!

Ho! Bloody Ho! Walking the dog on the beach early it’s quiet and this happens a lot. Stay grounded folks!