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When to Re-pot Bonsai

At this time of year I get a lot of people asking when they should begin re-potting their bonsai. Unfortunately I can't give a straight answer to a question like that because, as with most things concerning bonsai, it depends upon many factors. However there is a simple answer.... When you see signs of life. The notion of re-potting bonsai in the dormant period is a carry over from the old...

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Waste Not, Want Not

Waste Not, Want Not

As a young lad I was lucky enough to have some wonderful grandparents that were influential throughout my formative years. Waste not, want not was a phrase I heard regularly. On my fathers side my grandad served in the merchant navy  and ended up in the water at least...

Going Around In Circles

Going Around In Circles

Our fragile existence seems to be an exercise in going around in circles. At this particular moment in time some would have us believe we are circling the plughole. The Eeyore in me would concur. Bonsai, as it turns out, is the art of going around in circles. I guess,...

Easy Bonsai. Seriously!

Recently I have spent too much time ranting and raving about things unrelated to bonsai. I assume that's why lots of my loyal readers come here, to find out something about little trees. So, in the interest of balance here's a tree story about just how easy bonsai can...

Thank You!

Life leads us down a winding path on occasion. I was never the most social of animals, us Norfolk folk are renowned for our reticence. However I did not really expect I would end up quite so isolated behind this screen. Our business has been very demanding and...

Hand in Pocket Time

I don't get out much but from what little I do see, in some parts I understand times are hard. I do know we are all being f****d by our immoral, corrupt and feckless leaders. In fact let me correct that, they are no leaders at all are they? So, it's good to know there...

Shohin Bonsai Available

Lots of shohin available now. Not cheap but mostly good quality and nice pots. Email for details and include pic's please. G.